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Broccoli crop

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Hey broccoli lovers!

Today’s post is dedicated to all you have curiosity to know how it was grown broccoli. For us, it s a very interesting subject, because it is one way to understand which is the process that is going on with our favorite vegetable, where it comes from, in which areas of the world is growing and how it enters the field to our plates. Read More

Versatility of broccoli

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Hello broccoli lovers!

How has it fared the week? Here very well, as always, eager to tell you things and motivate you to have a healthier diet.

Today we are going to talk about the versatility of broccoli. As you know, the power of broccoli makes it a super vegetable, one of the best on the market, according to several studies. Its large number of vitamins, calcium and fiber make it a ‘must’ to feed everyone, from kids to the most adult of the House. And best of all is that it is a vegetable that can be used in different contexts. Read More

Recipes contest

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Hello broccoli lovers!

From Broccoli Passion we have prepared a new contest to you!

Since we continue in full campaign of our favorite vegetable, what better way give him promotion that creating a recipes contest.

As you already know, it’s very important for us to promote the versatility of broccoli in the kitchen. We share hundreds of recipes, tips, and interesting facts about this vegetable and now we want to see how creative you are when you cook it at home.

The most original recipe will win a “Gourmet Dinner” Wonderbox for 2 people, a fantastic box where you can enjoy a high-end dinner from more than 190 restaurants throughout Spain. In addition, the top 10 recipes will be published on our website.

Read more about it below:

read more

Breakfast for kids

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On lasts posts we were talking about the importance of to have a good feeding for the kids. They have to learn to eat well and which feeding are essentials on their diet.  Today we are going to talk about the most important meal of the day: the breakfast. We are going to tell you why it’s the most important meal we have to take care and how we can make it more complete. Read More

The day of love

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The global day of love is close; Saint Valentine.  It’s the day where the love it’s a product.

For us, love is something that is lived and is shown every day of life. Day after day we love and are loved, not only by our partner but also for our family, friends, love to our job and all we do.

Today we are going to take you some ideas to demonstrate love creating craft or cooking. Read More