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Normally, Brocolín and their team travel around the Valencian Community and the region of Murcía. However, we are open to any opportunity it could arise and, that’s why, we didn´t hesitate in include San Bartolomé de Ribaforada School (Navarra) in our route.

Taking advantage of the Broccoli’s week that was celebrated from 27 to 29 of October in Navarra, Brocolín was travelled to be presented in front of 100 children of primary school to show them the benefits of this vegetable.

Broccoli lovers 

It is fantastic when we find schools motivated in taking part in our project and, much more, if they are full of broccoli lovers. Together with Funes, we can remark their dedication in spread the characteristics of this vegetable. Is it not that marvellous?

As many current readers know, Brocolín project and Brócoli Pasión platform is an idea emerged from the seed company, Sakata Seed Ibérica. It is for that reason that, a part of the workers assigned for that labour, the corporate team sometimes is involved in those tasks.

Our colleagues in the project

In this occasion, Fernando Donaire, area manager, was who came with us. He has helped us many times and we are so enthusiastic with his company. He works with broccoli, being the best person for teaching the youngersters!

As we have said, we have visited more than 100 children and, at the end of the presentation, all of them have got a recipe book, “Las aventuras de Brocolín” and a piece of broccoli to cook with their parents. Thanks to the San Blas cooperative, 100 families had broccoli for dinner that night.

The adventure in Ribaforada is the last story of October. However, if October was heavy, November is not staying behind. So, be awaiting for new adventures!


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