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Hey broccoli lovers!

Today’s post is dedicated to all you have curiosity to know how it was grown broccoli. For us, it s a very interesting subject, because it is one way to understand which is the process that is going on with our favorite vegetable, where it comes from, in which areas of the world is growing and how it enters the field to our plates.

As we find in the post curiosities of the broccoli , the origin of its cultivation was initiated, nearly 2000 years ago in the Eastern Mediterranean long before the Romans spread throughout his empire. Worldwide, there are 3 important areas of cultivation of broccoli: China, the United States and Europe.

In Spain, which is the largest producer of broccoli of Europe, it’s producing more than 500,000 tons per year, of which 90% is exported remain the most important destination the United Kingdom. The main production area of Spain is located in the Region of Murcia, followed by the Ebro zone and Extremadura.

The seeds of broccoli are germinate in a seedbed where they grow for a little over a month, then these seedlings planted in the field where they will grow until the day of collection. This video is very informative:

Traditionally the cultivation of broccoli in Spain only toward during the seasons of spring, autumn and winter, but, as we told you in the post Types of broccoli , there are plenty of varieties of broccoli that we can grow. One of them, called Naxos, makes also in Spain it is possible to produce broccoli in the middle of summer, but in areas of high altitude where at night the temperatures drop and the plants are retrieved from the stress during the day for the excess heat. It is precisely this variety that i have just mentioned, Naxos, along with another call Parthenon are the main varieties of production of broccoli in Spain.

Although the broccoli occurs in Spain for more than 30 years, we can say that is a new vegetable that are still discovering, so that at the moment its consumption is increasing significantly. It is increasingly important to include in our diet food consumption as a source of nutritional compounds, bioactive, and broccoli brings important benefits to health. Several studies claim that contains compounds such as the indole-3-xylopiacin, sulfo-rafano, flavonoids, and vitamins A, B and C. Also its high fiber content and 0% fat makes the broccoli an ideal food for diets of thinning. We hope that you liked, thanks to Antonio Ibarra by the technical indications.

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