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Brocolín learns together with more than 700 kids in Lorca

The end of October is coming and we could say that this months was plenty of tasks related with Brocolín’s project. We were visiting different towns of Murcía, Gandía and Ribaforada (Navarra). And, because of the huge number of schools involved in the project, we have so many post telling our experience with all the children. Let’s start with the first fortnight!

From the last days of September until the first fortnight of October, we were focused on the region of Murcía. And, thanks to our collaboratives of the Lorca Féminas Football Club we have visited more than 700 pupils in half a month. That’s great!

Which is mean that more than 700 pieces of broccoli were distributed during the workshops, by the cooperation of our suppliers: Luis Jiménez, Hoyammar, Verco y Sacoje. Thank you so much for your help!!

To present Brocolín we have attended San José School, CEIP Ana Caicedo, CEIP Pérez Hita and San Francisco de Asís School, all of them, located in Lorca. We had a warming welcoming in each school and we spent a good time learning the importance of a balance diet.

From each school we visit, we discovered one curiosity that we would like to share with you… Let’s go!!

San José

Within the school, there is one vegetable garden whose responsible for their maintenance are the pupils, their tasks are assigned fulfilling an order. A wonderful way to learn how to cultivate! In addition, when the vegetable garden produce fruits they take them to eat. We love this idea!

Ana Caicedo

One of the initiatives that is taking importance at schools, is the proposal of wearing a piece of fruit or a whole wheat bread sandwich served with healthy ingredients to eat during the break. A part of this initiative they have other ones related with healthy lifestyles such as the day in bicycle.

Pérez de Hita

A part from the initiative of eating fruits, in this centre they count on the presence of a teacher of nutritionist and health, who is responsible of teaching how to combine sports with a balance diet. We think that is a wonderful idea that the children have a person as a reference to follow. It is also amazing that they participate in a supportive race every year.

San Francisco de Asís

In this school, all the children have eaten broccoli. Fantastic! They were so well informed about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, at this school, at the end of the academic course, during the healthy week they organise an sportive event with professional athletes from Lorca to motivate all the children to maintain good habits of living.

We are so enthusiastic in how our workshops give support to the greater ideals of wearing healthy lifestyles. It is a pleasure for us contribute in that initiative!

The record of participation in the competition with Brocolín is overpassed

Some of the schools have already received our order of fuffly toys of Brocolín and we can totally say that day a day more families are interested in taking part in this game, cooking broccoli together. In our first order was delivered more than 80 fuffly toys. We are so happy!!

Until here our post! See you in coming posts to continue being up to date of Brocolín news.


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