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Brocolín comes back to school!

Last Tuesday, Brocolín came back to School. He was presented in Guadalentín School, located in Totana, Murcia. Because of the huge relevancy he has obtained last year, this year, we are so expectants to visit more schools, counting on additional collaboration of a few new members: Carmen, Carla and Aroa, football players of “Club de Fútbol Lorca Féminas”. Being Sakata, his sponsor, they were motivated to give us support with the project. And, that’s wonderful! Sakata is making it bigger!

This course…

Do you know that Spain is the main broccoli producer in Europe? Where do you think the main area of production takes place? Who thought in Murcía? You got it! That is why, we have decided to focus our project in the region of Murcía, which does not mean that we are not introducing Brocolín in other schools, however it is important to highlight the importance of eating fruits and vegetables in the orchard of Europe.


Thanks to…

Luis Jiménez, our broccoli supplier in this occasion, we were able to distribute more than 80 pieces of broccoli.

What we learnt?

When we visit several schools we are not only ready to teach the children but also to take feedback from the general knowledge of the class. Brocolín team learns in each workshop!

We have challenged all the students of first year. The treat was consisted in “If Carmen overpassed 40 tips with the ball, they would have broccoli for dinner” She done it! Everybody had broccoli for dinner? We are completely sure of it!


Until here our post! See you in a while!


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