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1642 children in Lorca

As we have previously said from the beginning of the academic year, this year, we are focusing our project in the region of Lorca, cradle of broccoli. Today we will tell you our experience at Juan González School, San Fernando School and Ciudad del Sol School.

Our activity in those schools was developed for more than 1600 students of Lorca, from last course of children garden until third course of primary. Together with Brocolín and their team, the youngsters are learning not only the importance of a balance diet but also, they characteristics of broccoli. This point is fundamental as generally when we arrive at the schools, they have never tried them even though other vegetables. Before describing our events in those schools, we would like to say thank you to: Luis Jimenez, Sacoje, Hoyamar and Verco whose have provided us around 500 pieces of broccoli for all the children.

Juan González

A big school with enthusiastic and funny youngsters with good attitude to know about healthy lifestyles. The workshop was done in a large stage of the centre. Thanks to that, all the students could dance the Brocolín song and they loved it!

San Fernando

It was also a school plenty of students. Every week they choose one day for eating fruit during the break at playground.

In addition, they are making an effort in teaching all the students about the importance of a balance diet, for example putting decorations in the walls. They have settled a diet pyramid, which shows the best foodstuff for a healthy diet, in the wall of the corridor.

The youngsters are so well prepare to wear a rich and varied diet, they will become stronger and healthy as Brocolín and their friends!

Ciudad del Sol

The majority of the children know about the vitamins and nutrients of our green vegetable although not so many have tried it before because of the smell that emits. However, at the end of our workshop they started loving it and they promised us that they would eat broccoli for dinner that night. 33 students did it! It is not bad!


Until here the post for today! We will see soon! Our adventures in Murcia are coming!! And remember, eat many broccoli!

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