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New Year’s resolutions

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Hello everyone and Happy 2015!

How could it be otherwise; in this first publication of the year we will discuss the list of good intentions and some tips to implement them effectively.
Experts say that, in order to avoid frustration, the key to achieving our aims is to limit them and be realistic. What does it mean? It may mean that we must define our goal well, plan it and, above all, be honest with ourselves.

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Summary 2014

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The arrival of the New Year is a time of reflection. This period of the year is very important for us as this is when we make an assessment of what has happened over the past 365 days; our evolution, objectives that we have achieved, areas in which we must work and what lessons we have learned based on our mistakes or moments of weakness. So today we are making an assessment-summary of our 2014.

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Wrong table manners

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Having a good diet is very important for the whole family, but we must pay attention not only to what to eat and how to cook it, but also care for the way we eat, so it is important to teach children good home habits in order to avoid erroneous habits and attitudes at the table.

The most common misconception is that 2 or 3 meals a day are sufficient. Most health associations argue that it is essential to have 5 meals a day, whether they are children, teenagers or adults.

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Christmas Crafts

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Hello broccoli lovers! Tomorrow is the last day before the holiday. Do you already know how to spend your holiday? To help you find fun activities for the kids at home during this time, here is a collection of the 5 simplest crafts for these holidays.

Crafts spark the imagination of children, encourage creativity, raise esteem and strengthen concentration, psycho-motor activity and memory. They just need a little encouragement and guidance, providing the necessary materials and maybe some ideas to unleash their imagination and have fun together.

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We have a winner!

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Very good afternoon to all you broccoli lovers!

I write with great joy, because our jury was so quick that just a few minutes ago they gave us the result of our “Broccolin, funny vegetables for children” photography competition and I can not stop myself from announcing the winner.

The contest lasted two weeks and we received nearly 30 original photographs with broccoli as the main subject. The jury had great difficulty because the competition was very close.

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