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We collaborate with:

Fresh fruits and vegetables 5 times a day: An association that encourages the consumption of fruits and vegetables
+Broccoli: An association that encourages the consumption of broccoli

This is a Sakata Seed Ibérica, a seed and plant improvement company with more than 100 years of experience worldwide, initiative.
Broccoli Passion was created in 2009 based on our organisation’s concern for society’s diet, since our mission is to provide varieties of vegetables contributing to the production of natural foods to improve people’s well-being. Thus, Sakata has established this form of communication with consumers, to encourage good healthy eating practices.

The educational program “Project Brocolín” was born in 2012 to convey the importance of healthy eating to future consumers. This is how the story “The Adventures of Brocolín”, our mascot, arose, together with Brocolín’s Jingle and other teaching resources that were part of the workshops of Project Brocolín until 2018.

From 2018 onwards our educational project has been the “La Pandi”.
We are very proud to have reached out to 40,000 schoolchildren since 2013.
At Sakata, we are clear that dedicating our time to children is dedicating it to the future.