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Breakfast for kids

By 19 February, 2015Healthy eating, Uncategorized

On lasts posts we were talking about the importance of to have a good feeding for the kids. They have to learn to eat well and which feeding are essentials on their diet.  Today we are going to talk about the most important meal of the day: the breakfast. We are going to tell you why it’s the most important meal we have to take care and how we can make it more complete.

Meanwhile we sleeping, our mind its full working but our body is completely relaxed, passive; so the system is slow. When we wake up our body change his rhythm; turns active. In this process its important helps the body giving him energy. That’s the reason why the breakfast, the first meal of the day, it’s so important.

Sometimes we underestimated the importance of a good breakfast in childhood. Breakfast not properly causes tiredness, difficulty concentrating and memory is missing. According to nutritionists, the energy source of the breakfast should cover between 30 and 35% of the needs of the child in school age.

Several studies show that only 7.5% of children take a balanced breakfast. This is a very alarming figure! What is a balanced breakfast? Specialists say that this first meal of the day should be composed of cereals, fruits and milk.

The cereals contribute energy, vitamins and minerals, also they provide carbohydrates to us. To give them integral cereals also will bring them fibre. If they do not like the cereals, we can do toasts to them.

Fruits provide vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is advisable to take a whole piece of fruit such as an Apple, pear, banana or kiwi.

The milk contains calcium, vitamins of the group A, B and D and proteins. If you have intolerance to the lactose, you can always come to the milk without lactose, of soya, of oats or of rice.

We hope that we have helped to make breakfast for your children and for all the family.

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