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Broccolin in schools


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Normally, Brocolín and their team travel around the Valencian Community and the region of Murcía. However, we are open to any opportunity it could arise and, that’s why, we didn´t hesitate in include San Bartolomé de Ribaforada School (Navarra) in our route.

Taking advantage of the Broccoli’s week that was celebrated from 27 to 29 of October in Navarra, Brocolín was travelled to be presented in front of 100 children of primary school to show them the benefits of this vegetable. Read More

Brocolín learns together with more than 700 kids in Lorca

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The end of October is coming and we could say that this months was plenty of tasks related with Brocolín’s project. We were visiting different towns of Murcía, Gandía and Ribaforada (Navarra). And, because of the huge number of schools involved in the project, we have so many post telling our experience with all the children. Let’s start with the first fortnight! Read More

Brocolín comes back to school!

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Last Tuesday, Brocolín came back to School. He was presented in Guadalentín School, located in Totana, Murcia. Because of the huge relevancy he has obtained last year, this year, we are so expectants to visit more schools, counting on additional collaboration of a few new members: Carmen, Carla and Aroa, football players of “Club de Fútbol Lorca Féminas”. Being Sakata, his sponsor, they were motivated to give us support with the project. And, that’s wonderful! Sakata is making it bigger!

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