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Summary Broccolin Project 16-17

Today, as the last day of the school course, we would like to show you our summary video of this year!

This course it was very special because we had the opportunity to visit more schools than the year before.

We started the course in November at Funes, a small town in Navarra, because they celebrated a special week for the broccoli. Since then, we were visiting 35 schools around the country. We shared this experience with more than 3000 pupils in such cities as Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Jaén, Castilla La Mancha… We never though it could be possible to visit so many children.

Motivating the kids

For us, the Broccolin Project, is a tool inside our platform Broccoli Passion which we use to stay closer the small children and motivate them to bring a balanced diet.

This year was a success

This course 2016-2017 it was a very important year, and we can only say thank you.

We still celebrating it. We want to thank all the teachers and school directors that received us, for all their help and support. We want to say thank you to all the colleagues that came with us to the schools. And also to the suppliers that joined us giving a piece of broccoli for each kid we visited: Grupo Lucas and Agropaco. Thank you so much!

And finally… here you can see the sum up video of our year!

We hope you enjoy it!

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