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The best smoothies with broccoli

By 4 June, 2015February 9th, 2023Healthy eating, Uncategorized

And we continue with the smoothies!

As we advance last week, today we want to share with you a small collection of the most delicious smoothies based on broccoli. Read on and join the green drink!

Green smoothies are usually formed from green vegetables, fruit and water, being 70% 30% vegetable and fruit. We start with our Top 5:

We started with the more purist milkshake, the leader in fiber.

We need:

1 cup chopped broccoli

1 cup pineapple

1 cup of spinach

and 1 cups water.

With this super Smoothie we eliminate toxins and are filled with vitamins.


One of the combinations that I like most is this:

We need to make we only need:

1/2 broccoli pella

1 cup fresh parsley

1 avocado

2 ripe bananas

Juice of 1 lemon,

and 12oz milk of almonds

It is ideal for those curious palates, the lemon adds a delicious touch.


This is a clear example of that, a Smoothie with broccoli does not have to be green.


6 ounces of Greek yogurt

8 almonds

1/4 of broccoli

1 cup strawberries

3/4 green tea

and Spoon of cinnamon.


Another more powerful shakes in what iron refers is this one:


1/2 cup spinach

1 Apple

1 cup broccoli

1/2 lemon juice

and water

We recommend these delicious beaten to revive us and fill us with energy. Spinach and broccoli, are a great ally to get strong, already what Popeye said…


And for most gourmands, I dedicate this smoothie:

What do we need?

1 medium ripe banana

6 strawberries

half of broccoli

6 oz Greek yogurt

vanilla and 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter.

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