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Summary course 2014-2015

Now that it has been completed the school year in all the autonomous communities of the country, we are advisable to make a summary of this course 2014-2015.We want to tell you, to general traits, as we have gone, what conclusions we have drawn and how we want to do it next year.

To begin with, here will leave you a video-summary of the experiences that we have lived in the different schools to which we have come. We have done with a lot of love, we hope that you like and serve to show, so visual, as are the lectures that we do.

As you can see, we love spending time with the kids and we enjoyed their spontaneity, curiosity and their desire to learn. We teach them the importance of having a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and they teach us that we must not lose our inner child, that being restless that motivates us to believe in ourselves, create and move forward.

With the tale of the adventures Brocolin, children learn the importance of taking fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, they discover that vegetables are for the season of summer and winter which and also know about the properties that has our friend the broccoli. In addition, through the characters who appear in the story, we foster the camaraderie, the daily study and physical activity.

The course that comes, we will work more and better. We hope to be able to visit more schools from the north and the south of Spain. We already have some concerted talks. If you want to go to school for your child, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us we love visit you!

Long live Brocolin and begin the summer!

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