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Saving money shopping

By 15 January, 2015February 10th, 2023Tips for moms, Uncategorized

One of the topics that is discussed on the street this month is the post Christmas crunch. Whatever is your financial situation, today we share with you the best tricks to do the weekly shopping.


The first thing we suggest is to do your grocery shopping with a full stomach. Going to the supermarket or market on an empty stomach can play a trick on us. Being hungry while shopping increases the chances of impulsive purchases, buying more than necessary, and/or quick-preparation products. So don’t forget to go shopping without an appetite!

Another infallible recommendation is to plan your shopping, that is, make a list of all the necessary products. When a food runs out, write it on the shopping list. This is an exceptional habit that helps us buy what we really need, so we save time and money.

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