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Kids cooking

Hello broccoli lovers!

Today we want to talk about something that for us it is very important: include children in the preparation of meals and dinners. From the 2 or 3 years the little ones can help us to create different dishes. We show you how and why we believe that it is interesting to do.

There are many benefits when we were cooking with children. The first point it’s that this  is a great opportunity to spend time with them, all gathered together, working as a team with the same purpose: to develop a nice dinner for the whole family. Also provides other important benefits such as the development of fine motor skills and thick, math skills such as counting and measuring, and the development of literacy, since children can read recipes with their parents.In addition, including them in this task, they will be feel useful, to be partakers of the preparation of the dish that is going to eat, will see their goal fulfilled.

How do you accommodate you in this special moment? We recommend that you do it little by little. Depending on the age, their task may be more or less complex. To begin with can get out the ingredients of the refrigerator and pantry, pass the ingredients to the daddies or help them to count the time. From just 4 years , if they are resourceful, they can cutting vegetables, always under the supervision of an adult, peeling vegetables, measure… but they can also help us to set the table, remove it and even to scrubbing.

We hope that you’ve encouraged that your boy or girl you accompany and attend while cooking.

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