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Healthy snack

By 23 April, 2015February 9th, 2023Healthy eating, Uncategorized

Hello everyone!

On several occasions we have spoken of the importance that all members of the family take 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables a day, since this habit gives us multiple vitamins and minerals and help us to have a healthy diet.

Now that is about the good time, we have more desire to eat things refreshed and we can found more variety of fruits and vegetables in the market. The snack time is a good time so that we can prepare dishes with these products or in events such as birthdays or meetings with friends and family.

Here are a few examples of easy and wonderful to create dishes full of flavor and nutrients.

Raw with sauce. Broccoli, carrot, peppers or cherry tomatoes are vegetables that give much play raw, especially when we mix with a sauce. Cheese sauce, hummus or the mayonnaise will be some delicious companions.

Skewers of vegetables. The presentation is a very important aspect creating a dish. Why not unleash our creativity and order food colors doing a beautiful combinations? We just need to have ideas and patience. (And if we have ways to cool moulds, already will be perfect)

Milkshakes of fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are very popular, most celebrities confess his passion for smoothies since they provide us with very few calories and lots of energy. For this reason it could not miss in this list. There are hundreds of combined creating explosions of flavor to suit all tastes, from the typical banana and strawberries until more complex with more than five ingredients. We will soon publish a post with the best milkshakes with broccoli.

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