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Fruits and vegetables world day

The coming week, Friday 16, will take place the day world of fruits and vegetables. Broccolin, as didn’t echoing this day more than ever promoting the consumption of fruit and vegetables in the smallest of the House.

This year coincide the food day and the day world of fruits and vegetables. That’s the reason why Brocolin joins the campaign of the Association “5 al día!#Practicael5 encouraging all children to take 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables a day.

As we all know, food is the fundamental basis for our boys and girls to grow up healthy and strong. Educate them in food is essential for their well-being today and tomorrow. From broccoli passion, we seek to promote good nutrition, promoting the consumption of fruit and vegetables in a funny way for boys and girls.

How can we motivate our kids to eat more fruits and vegetables? Here we give a few small tips:

5 meals per day: is very important to not skip any meal, neither we or our children. If we deliver meals throughout the day we will have energy throughout the day and avoid eating compulsively.

Lunch and afternoon snacks with natural sugar: If fancy to your small something sweet for lunch or snack, always give a piece of fruit. Bananas, apples and tangerines are a perfect ally, also juices or smoothies. Here’s an article by smoothies with broccoli, delicious!

The presentation of the dish: many times we eat by eyes and which does not attract us visually generates rejection. Therefore, it tries to make presentations cool dishes, distributing them vegetables or making funny shapes. Here’s an article in which we talked about this and we give you some examples.

Variety is the key: the taste of vegetables varies depending on the mode of cooking that we have made, therefore it is very important that we cook in different ways, in that way our children can discover new flavors and it is possible to not reject some vegetables that at first did not attract them.


We hope that these tips help you in your day to day and that you celebrate the day of the fruit and vegetable with us, preparing delicious with broccoli and other vegetables.

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