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Fresh vs frozen

Hello friends of broccoli!

Today we will talk about the nutritional differences that have fresh and frozen foods, what are the most recommended and why.

As we have been doing for almost 3 years, time in which we created this blog, for us is very important to publicize the importance of having a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, our first goal is that when you go shopping, always have fruits and vegetables in your cart. Now, once past this point, we launched a question: Do you think that fresh or frozen products is better?

While the answer may be obvious, the reality is that frozen (not precooked) products are not very different, in terms of nutritional levels, that the fresh ones. Fresh products, freshly caught from the field, are in her best time, as they still retain 100% of its nutrients after spreading plant. This is the reason why we recommend eating more fresh vegetables. For example, a newly caught the field broccoli piece has a harder trunk, the florets are more tight and strong and its color is very bright green. As the days go by, these characteristics are changing and the color of the head of broccoli can be reached even into yellow. So this does not happen, we recommend keep the broccoli cold and consume in the first 5 days after your purchase.

On the other hand, frozen food can be great allies in our current food because of its convenience. Their packaging occupy little space and allow us to make the food more quickly, also help us to have food throughout the year even out of season. According to various studies, nutritional level, there are minimal differences between a same food if eat you fresh or frozen. Nutritionist Laura Zurita Rosa, of the Association of dietitians and nutritionists of Madrid (Addinma) says: “Frozen vegetables have the advantage that are already clean, whole or chopped and ready for cooking in boiling water. In addition, as it takes so little time between harvesting and freezing, these products retain very well the nutritious qualities of fresh vegetables”.

Of course, in this article we are talking about the frozen vegetables directly after it is harvested, if we were talking about the pre-cooked and frozen products, the speech would changed radically. Precooked frozen products contain a lot of fat, additives and salt, as well as preservatives and a greater number of calories. Is for this reason that we recommend a very careful these processed and frozen foods like the lasagna, sautes, etc.

We hope that we have solved your doubts and that in your next purchase don’t forget broccoli!

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