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Food and the sun effects

August is the ideal month to tan us and to take care of our skin. Although we adore to the star king, also we must protect ourselves from him. Today we are going to speak to you about the best recipe to have a bronze-colored healthy and lasting one for ours sin and for us.

One of the most important elements, and that we usually do not bear in mind at the time of getting a tan, is our feeding. A good diet helps us to obtain a natural and good tone.What food favors the bronze-colored one? Those rich in beta – caroteno, minerals and Omega 3.

The beta – caroteno is a vegetable pigment that turns into vitamin A when we eat up it, it favors the synthesis of the melanin and, for it, it promotes the bronze-colored one and acts like ultraviolet filter of the beams. The vegetables rich in this element are the carrots, the broccoli and the spinach. The fruits that also have a high place contained in beta – carotenos are the melon, the watermelon,the peach and the strawberries.

The minerals like the Zinc, the selenium, the copper and the iron also bring us benefits to protect our skin of the sun. The vegetables, the milk and the eggs bring us zinc, which acts against the burns in the skin.

The acidic greases omega 3 are the good flats that maintain the balance lipid of the skin, that is to say, so that our skin is hydrated. The dry fruits and the blue fish are essential in our summer diet to show a healthy, hydrated and brilliant skin.

Finally we must not forget that it is very important to drink 2 liters of water a day, so much we like our children and we must use solar quality protectors. We hope that you should enjoy of the summer and of the sun with a good feeding.

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