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Contest #BrocoSelfie

By 16 June, 2015contest, Uncategorized

There are 5 days to summer and to celebrate we launched contest!

In today’s post we tell you of what, why have it thrown, what is the prize and until when it will be open for registration.

Our favorite vegetable, broccoli, is a bit jealous… he told us having a little envious of her friend the watermelon and fruit ice cream, because in summer all take photos with them, now it is also time that people take photos at the beach, excursion or barbecue. This makes broccoli feel displaced, says that nobody takes photos with he… So today we propose a challenge: make a ‘selfie’ fun with a broccoli.

Why a selfie? Because it is a very simple way to make a photo, the vast majority of us we have a smartphone, and because is also very popular.

Why a broccoli? Because we want to demonstrate that in summer there are also broccoli in the supermarket or fruit store (although its best season is in autumn and winter). And we also want to also be a tremendous food that people likes to take pictures (as happens with watermelon or cherries).

What is there to do? It is very simple. Through this application, you give to “Participate”, filled with your data and attached the selfie. You have until Sunday, June 28 to send us your picture.

Contests on Facebook.

How do you win? Share the contest with friends via your social networks so you vote. The 10 most voted photos will be Prize!

What is the prize? 10 Packs Broccolin consisting of a puppy of our mascot and his tale “The adventures of Broccolin”.

Surprise us with your fun with broccoli selfies!

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