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Broccolin at UPCT

Last week, at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), was held on Campus in the engineering and there was our mascot Broccolin.  This Campus is an educational project and cultural that seeks to present the science and technology in a manner attractive and motivating. The fair is based on the dissemination, communication and promotion of scientific and technological knowledge. It invites thousands of pupils of nursery, primary and secondary school children throughout the Region of Murcia released about 80 tech demos.

Last year Brocolin much enjoyed the experience, so this year did not want to miss it. Here we give an explanatory video Brocolin was at the workshop in Agrovida .

It work with 2 groups, teachers and students of primary and infant. This workshop aims to acquaint the groups of students the importance of the agri-food sector, based on tracking the life cycle of a plant product, from the seed to the final product for consumption, as well as the importance and benefits derived from their consumption.

In the workshops offered to the children different activities: the first of them, as is usual in us, was to encourage that all consume more fruits and vegetables. On the other hand was generated an activity that was to give seedlings to smalls kids to learn how to transplanting. And in addition, older people, they were able to learn to use a microscope observing rots.

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