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Broccolin at Reina Sofia’s school

Hello Broccoli lovers!

Today Brocolin is very happy, because last week he was again in Totana, sharing a wonderful day with the boys and girls of the school Reina Sofia. At this school we went thanks to the help of our friend Jaime Calabuig. And it turned out to be a college very large with groups of more than 50 children! We stayed with the students of 1st 4 st of primary.

For this to be a different experience, and since the aphonia had seized our voice, this time were the kids who read the story. In shifts all the volunteers who offered, they were reading parts of the story The adventures of Broccolin. His companions were asking questions and between all answered.

It was funny to see how the boys and girls are thrilled to read and do so with so much enthusiasm. Of course, we also address issues such as the Mediterranean diet, the importance of take 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day, or the importance of vitamins and minerals. In addition we encourage all children to send us their photos of dishes with broccoli, and will win a puppy ofBrocolin, our mascot and protagonist of the story.

Dads, moms and teachers, we remind you that if you want to visit your college, so you just have to put yourselves in contact with us.

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