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Broccoli and exportation

Where from does the broccoli come that we eat up? What countries take charge of the cultivation of our favorite vegetable? Today we tell you some curious information on the commercialization, import and exportation of this vegetable.

For us, the faithful excited of the broccoli, it is a pride to tell you that Spain is the country that more broccoli produces of the whole European Union. According to the last information, the exportation of this “super food” in our country overcomes at present 250.000 tons.

Where do all these tons go away? They are assined, especially to the United Kingdom, Germany and Holland. The United Kingdom is the main broccoli buyer, they are a few real broccoli lovers, since they consume almost 50 % of what we export. Next they are followed by the Germans who buy to us 15 % followed by the Dutches. We love the case of the Britons, since they consume an average of: 4 kilos a year! The Spanish we should begin changing this statistics, that we are that more we produce it but those that less we it eat: with the rich thing that is!

The cultivation of the broccoli in Spain, as we tell you in this post, it splits into 3 zones: the Region of Murcia, where there is cultivated about 70 % of this one vegetable, the area of the Delta of the Ebro and Extremadura. With it, it is said that more than 8 thousand persons live straight of the broccoli in Spain.

Have you surprised the information, truth? Who could think that only one vegetable should give so much work … Let’s keep on doing it consuming it more and cooking it in an entertaining way!

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