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Benefits of smoothies

The smoothies are very fashionable, especially now that it is about the good time. This trend is not born alone, many studies show that the smoothies or shakes are beneficial for health, on all the greens. Why is that? Keep reading…

We want to start to make a small clarification. The smoothies and juices are different things. Here in Spain we are usually more accustomed to the second, where only we take the juice of the fruit and disposing of the fiber and the peel. In a smoothie is used all the fruit or vegetable, therefore the level of fiber and nutrients we get from them is much greater. In addition the smoothies are a great way to take raw fruits and vegetables at any time of the day and in any place.

It is said that the smoothies help us to remove the toxins from our body and cleaned our digestive system, thanks mainly to the fiber and antioxidants that they contain. They are also satiating and provide us a lot of energy. In addition they are very easy to digest and we provide all the vitamins that contain the fruits and vegetables that we have included in the batter.

Image: RTVE

The smoothies greens are produced from green vegetables fruit water, mixed and smoothie in a blender. Proportionally, especially in the first milk shakes, it is generally recommended that 70% is fruit and the remaining 30% vegetables green. Little by little will be balancing the percentages. For every liter of smoothie, is often lacking two cups of water, but that is also to the tastes of the consumer, as it suits more dense or liquid.

Next week we’ll do a compilation of the 5 best smoothies with broccoli. 🙂

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