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Apps for kids to learn to cook

By 3 September, 2015Tips for moms, Uncategorized

Hello everyone and welcome to September!

Today we write a post very interesting for who loves the technology and the cooking. If you want your kids learn to cook in a virtual way, you are lucky! Today we are going to list some of the best apps of cooking for tablets and smartphones:

– Kitchen Tap 2: In this game there are four hungry diners waiting for a good meal. Children will have a choice between 12 different ingredients and think what they want to cook. They are free to decide how to cook the ingredients. Very cool for the kids!
– Sandwich Chef: In this game the challenge is to create your own vegetable sandwich with ingredients such as cucumber, peppers, zucchini, broccoli or eggplant. In addition, the presentation of the dish plays a very important role, we must place the food as if it were a drawing. It is a good application to promote healthy and balanced diet.
– Dr. Panda’s Restaurant: the famous Dr. Panda is put at the controls of a restaurant where its come to eat curious and funny animals, you have to step cooking some recipes available such as scrambled eggs
– Master Cooking: This app is intended for older children, about 10 years, since the goal is to feel the frantic pace of a kitchen like the real thing. It is to serve customers who are coming to your restaurant and go cook the dishes are asking you before they get upset, to get the highest score possible.
– Moy Restaurant: Moy is a character who has several apps, you will be playing in this put you behind the wheel, not only for cooking but also for the management of the restaurant. You will be able to customize the restaurant, serve customers, clean and, of course, make money to improve the restaurant.

We hope that the list be useful to you and your children feel encouraged to play with your food off the table! *
Of course, we also encourage children to learn to cook and enjoy cooking in a real way, so go and kitchen with them!
* We recommend a moderate use of tablets and smartphones, always under adult supervision.

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