¿What is La Pandi?

La Pandi is an educational project to promote healthy eating among children, especially through the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The main axis of the project are the 7 characters of La Pandi, which are fruits and vegetables, the new online game and its cartoons, in which friendship and empathy are encouraged and agriculture is valued.


Are you between 3 and 10 years old? You have a computer? Do you know food well? Show everything you know in the online game of La Pandi! Beat all 3 challenges and win a very special prize. It is free, educational and fun. Children can do it alone or guided by an adult.

Start playing here.

And don’t forget to order your plate from La Pandi

You can request it here. We raffle 20 every month!

If you are a teacher

You can do it online with your students or request the face-to-face workshop at the center. If you are interested, contact us and check availability at proyectolapandi@gmail.com



School year 2021/22: 8,000 students



Strong, cheerful and with a great sense of humor. He is also a bit clumsy, due to his large volume of hair. But since he is very strong in constitution, even if he falls, nothing is ever broken.


He is cheerful, seductive and very friendly with his friends. He loves music; he is always giving ‘the note’ with his inseparable guitar. He is charming and manages to infect the entire La Pandi with positivity.


Shy and very intelligent. His name comes from the black spots on his skin. He loves to study plants. He adores nature and outdoor sports, which is why he always wants to organize excursions and outings to the countryside with his friends.


Creative, decisive and shy. She is the idea engineer because she loves to invent gadgets to help her friends on her adventures. She has a solution for everything!


Sapito’s cousin, she is very sociable and stylish. She loves the sun, reading and hiking. The mountains are her passion! Of course, as long as she doesn’t have to get wet: she doesn’t like water.

Bi Mi

Brocolín’s cousins are two twin sisters with very different personalities. Bi is disciplined and constant; she works hard to achieve her goals. My is mischievous and little applied, but very intelligent. They both love water and swimming. Together they make a great team!