What we do in the WorkShop

Our workshop lasts 45 minutes and uses different activities to attract kids’ attention at all times.
First, we introduce them to all La Pandi friends. Through La Pandi game they learn the importance of healthy eating and are introduced to certain ideas like the food pyramid. To liven up the workshop, pupils watch La Pandi cartoons and finally we introduce them to a “real” fruit or vegetable, at this point pupils can look, touch, smell and sometimes taste a fruit or vegetable.
The workshops end with the delivery of a gift from the La Pandi and some activity suggestions, so they can continue the workshop at home.

Viewing the first episode of La Pandi

5 minuts

We will make a short introduction and we will see the first episode of our animated series La Pandi.

Fruit and Vegetable Game

15 minuts

Presentation to see on the classroom screen. It is a game with explanations, questions and games related to the Food pyramid and the importance of consuming 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. It helps us introduce the main food concepts.

Fruit / vegetable moment of the month

15 minuts

In this part we reveal to the students the fruit or vegetable of the month. Every month we will work with a character from La Pandi. For example, in October we will introduce the pumpkin, in November the broccoli and so on until we present them to everyone. It is time to touch, smell, talk about temporality, health benefits, characteristics, etc.

Group photo with the pet

5 minuts

All of the class will take a picture with the giant stuffed animal of the month’s fruit or vegetable. We will upload the photo to our website and social networks to remember the experience lived in your center.

Delivery of the gift bag and explanation of the contest 

5 minuts

The gift bag contains:

Story of the 2nd chapter of La Pandi, so that they can continue with their adventures at home.

Flyer with explanation of the contest.

Recipe booklet with tips and recipes with La Pandi fruits and vegetables